In the ever-evolving gate and fence hardware landscape, a trusted name is transforming to enhance your experience. Formerly known as GATEMATE, SHEDMATE, SHEDMATE, VINYLPRO, and FENCEMATE, these industry favorites are now streamlined and united under the new brand names of GATEPRO and FENCEPRO. This strategic move simplifies the shopping experience and combines the expertise and quality synonymous with these brands.

GATEPRO: Elevating Gate Hardware to New Heights

Formerly GATEMATE, SHEDMATE, and VINYLPRO, the new GATEPRO product line continues to provide top-notch latches and hinges for wood and vinyl gates. The styles range from the timeless Standard designs to the sophisticated Traditional and Antique, embracing the beauty of old-world charm. GATEPRO still stocks the largest selection of wood gate hardware in the United States.

At Abbey, we understand the importance of variety, and that’s why the GATEPRO brand excels in wood and vinyl gate hardware and is expanding its horizons with a growing line of high-quality aluminum hardware. Your gate projects deserve the best, and with GATEPRO, you can trust that you’re getting exactly that.

As part of our commitment to supporting our distribution partners, GATEPRO offers free custom displays for stocking distributors. These displays are designed to showcase the extensive range of gate hardware efficiently, providing distributors with the tools they need to serve their customers effectively.

When it comes to hinge sizes, GATEPRO stands out with a broad range, offering sizes up to an impressive 42” long. This versatility ensures that gates of various sizes and materials can benefit from GATEPRO’s high-quality hinges, providing both strength and style.

FENCEPRO: Beyond Fencing, Building Confidence

Formerly known as FENCEMATE, FENCEPRO is not just a name change; it’s a commitment to delivering quality custom Welded Wire fencing, hog wire,  and an expanding line of hand tools and fasteners. FENCEPRO embodies the expertise and reliability that customers have come to expect from Abbey Hardware.

Our Welded Wire fencing is tailored to meet the highest durability and security standards. Whether you are securing your property or adding a decorative element to your space, FENCEPRO provides solutions that go beyond the standards of service.

Choose the Abbey Advantage with GATEPRO and FENCEPRO

GATEPRO and FENCEPRO bring you the simplicity you can trust, the efficiency you can depend on, and service for success. Welcome to a new era of gate and fence hardware—welcome to GATEPRO and FENCEPRO.